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The Corporate Innovation Problem
(And How it Can be Solved)

Live Webcast from Disruptive Innovation Festival
November 22, 2016 at 10:00 GMT
2016/11/22 10:00:00

For many companies, innovation has a top spot on the agenda. However, despite large investments, results remain disappointing. We call this the Corporate Innovation Problem™.

For excellence in innovation, companies have to master a web of activities from discovering insights into customer needs, generating and selecting ideas, developing strong concepts and delivering them into the market.

This sounds easy: In practice, it’s hard. Three out of four companies struggle in one or more of these steps.

The “Corporate Innovation Problem” has three root causes and we show by acting on one, the System Problem, result in far better innovation outcomes.


Rob Munro

Co-founder and Senior Partner,

Frank Mattes

Co-founder and CEO,

Rob is an experienced innovation management research-practitioner on a mission to improve the outcomes of innovation activities in organizations.

He is co-founder at the international agency focused on helping companies solve their Corporate Innovation Problem™.

His commercial experience comes from twenty-four years invested at the innovation coal face inside multinational companies. He holds a Master’s degree in chemical engineering, an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School and is an Industrial Fellow at IfM Cambridge.

Real world innovation can be tough. Wanting to help companies achieve more, Rob brings systems thinking to innovation to help company leaders realize their potential.

Frank Mattes co-founded to help companies to solve their Corporate Innovation Problem™.

Frank has 25 years of experience in innovation management and C-level experience. After studying Applied Mathematics in Germany and the USA, Frank worked for specialized consulting companies and at The Boston Consulting Group.

This last 5 years, Frank has focused on ‘innovations to innovation management’ such as Open Innovation, Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Business Model Innovation and systematically improving corporate innovation capabilities.

Frank is contributing editor at the leading online magazine for innovation management practitioners. He has written several books, numerous articles and is a frequent speaker at prestigious conferences.

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